Friday, February 11, 2011

quiz & test

hey! i have a quiz & a test today... wish me luck everyone... quiz power engineering fundamentals dis evening and (EMT) electromagnetic  theory test tonite... and now i can still update my blog... okey! enough said im not prepared anything yet since i dont understand what have i learned since my 1st class for dis sem... sound like a bit crazy rite but for those who know me, they understand me more... im a last minute person... so, just wait & see what happen to me later... act, im quite scared bout it, but what should i do if i wont understand the subject... my housemate said EMT is a tough subject and i do agree with it coz im totally have zero knowledge bout dis subject... hehe... okla, dripada saya membebel panjang panjang baik pergi ambil air smbhyang & sembahyang hajat tuk jawab test malam nie bukan... 


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