Thursday, May 3, 2012

to my dearest mr seafarer

today i sangat sangat down coz mr bf cakap he's going to join one company in lumut as a part time before  AET call... he will start his career as a seafarer back... memang i sepatutnya ready for this coz memang kerja beliau di laut bukan di darat... tapi as a dramatic gf harus la merajuk tak tentu pasal... the reason kenapa i merajuk adalah sebab beliau akan sailing tomorrow... see?? x marajuk lagi ke kalau macam ni... he just tell me the news this evening and he will be sailing tomorrow morning... ok, memang kerjaya as a seafarer ni tak boleh predict pon... if the company call them,  they should be ready... ok, sumpah sedih sebab i will going back tomorrow to meet him and settle up something before his sailing but at last we had to canceled it and maybe i will doing that thing by myself... that something tu i will update later when im ready to write about it... haha... okla, pape pon i will going back home tomorrow jugak and meet my parents and my lil naufal!!! yeay... 

p/s : to mr seafarer, pliz do remember your promises... thank you for calm me down... thank for being a very patient bf... thank for your long lasting support in term of love, financial and many more that i cant list it here!!! i love you sayang!!! <3 <3 <3

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