Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my first week without him

Assalamualaikum and hye peeps...

Mr.Bf had left me for his responsibility as a seafarer and it has been a week after i sent him to the airport... how to describe my feeling huh?? i feel miserable since he's not here with me... no phone call and no sms... ok, for the first 3 days memang i rasa lost sangat and i keep on crying when i think about him even i'm in class... yeah, i know i'm just his gf not more than that, but we had been through thick and thin together and he's one of my strength after my parents... so, for this year we can't celebrate his birthday and our anniversary together but i had celebrate it earlier with no preparation at all... he received call from office a day before his flight ticket to singapore... can u imagine how do i feel when i heard that... of course rasa tertekan coz that time Mr.Bf is in Lumut and i'm in Melaka... that time i use to call my mom for help, i explain on my situation and my mom do understand what i want... thanx mama and abah for your understanding... hehe... from them i managed to buy his birthday & anniversary presents... yeah, i'm a student and i don't have extra money this time because it's a last minute notice... phewww... after settle all the present, i going to kl alone at 9pm... Mr.Bf of course la tak kasi coz time tu dah consider lewat la kan for a girl yg driving alone... tapi for me as long as i can spend extra time for him is very valuable... next day plak, i teman Mr.Bf pergi office to do his medical check up and some other stuff... after settled all the stuff, we go back to Melaka coz i ada lab that evening and test at night... ok, tak payah tanya how's my test going... haha...  around 3am baru pegi KLIA coz his flight to singapore is at 8am... at first i boleh gelak gelak lagi with maria & anne... but at last after he giving me beberapa pesanan... baru la hati dah tak keruan and start crying non stop... haha... nasib baik now i dah okey sebab i'm busy with my college stuffs.... huhu... masuk hari ni dah 5 hari i tak dengar suara Mr.Bf and i dah start rindu beliau... huhu... 

at his office

having our breakfast together at 5.30am

our pic together
wif maria
anne & maria

wif his ticket
my Mr.Seafarer... i MISS u soo much sayang!!! <3

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