Saturday, April 28, 2012

my boring weekend

happy saturday peeps!!

first time for dis sem i stay melaka and first time jugak i having my boring weekend... kalau tak every week i balik ipoh or kl, but dis week i try hard to stay here but sadly i have no friends to hang out, that's why i need mr bf to be here every second... act, i am not a type of person yang boleh duduk rumah tengok tv semua... i perlu bersosial diluar... hey, don't says bad thing bout me ok... act, not that bad social thingy but more to having fun outside, u get what i mean rite?! haha... sumpah i boring sangat sangat rite now!! i need my ordinary weekend back... huh... dari subuh lagi i play tetris  battle in fb and now i dah boring main benda tue and what should i do now!! im planning going to kl but sadly im not that desperate to go there without any purpose... just waiting for next weekend to come!! i miss my weekend so bad!! =(

miss them!! ='(
miss u too mr bf!! 

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