Saturday, March 19, 2011


last night, me & besties (aliamaria & fiza) having our midnight movie at MBO melaka mall and we r decided to watch beastly... at first when we bought the tickets there is no one watching that movie and we thought maybe it's too early to buy a midnight tickets at 10pm... before we having our movie treat at 1230am, we went for dinner at duyong... after finished our dinner we went straight away to MBO... seriously MBO malaka is not the best place to watch midnight movie... its such a scary place bcoz there is no security at all... its not only the security thingy but  when we r entering the cinema, it is more fear coz of the environment of the cinema itself... its like a hunted cinema with all the noise here and there and the celling is very horrible... and we r lucky coz not only four of us watching the movie but there is a couple watching it too... so, at least there is a male among the female... haha... hey, im not so brave when dealing wif this kind of situation and i do believe in the existence of ghost when im afraid... kah3.... ok, theres enough on how scared i am there and now i wanna share the synopsis of this movie... i can give 4 out of 5 bcoz the movie is not super interesting for me n i dunno others opinion about this movie... it is all about a modern day take on the "beauty and the beast" tale where a teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find his true love... the length of the movie is not long just about 1 hour 30mins. but, i just cant accept the way kyle be curse by the witch coz it is too short... hahaha... okla, wanna take my shower... 

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